About us

About Kaviso Outdoors

We’ll save you the fake inspirational lines about Kaviso Outdoor’s creation story and our idealistic vision.  We do not aspire to summit Everest; we are not expert hikers.  And we won’t pretend to be. Founded in 2014 by three childhood friends, we’re here with the everyday outdoorsman & outdoorswoman in mind—those who, like us, enjoy a weekend hike with our friends and family, trading stories around a KOA campfire, and drinking beers at the music festival campsite.


With that in mind, we’ve spent the last three years perfecting what we’re best at: identifying and building relationships with brands that offer well-crafted, functional products that will last you a lifetime, spanning from the biggest names to family-owned start-up companies.  Gear that will not only enhance your version of the “outdoor experience,” but will make you look and feel the part.  It’s our job to make it easier for you to find these brands, and to deliver them to you at a competitive cost with a good ol’ fashioned Midwest handshake. We started this process in a basement with only a tape gun and label printer, moved to a rural brick-and-mortar shop in a strip mall, and finally settled our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.


A Midwest Proud Company

Kaviso Outdoors has partnered with Great Lakes Proud, an organization dedicated to protecting the Great Lakes.  For each order that you place with us, you'll receive a complimentary Great Lakes Proud sticker with your package, which we purchased in bulk from Great Lakes Proud—that’s a $5 donation we’ve made on your behalf.  A percentage of each sticker purchased will support conservation and cleanup of the Great Lakes.