Rumpl National Parks Throw - Joshua Tree

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Joshua Tree National Park is a strange beast; and not just because of the alien-looking trees that give the park its name. Arriving at the park, it's not immediately obvious what makes it National Park worthy. There’s no deep canyon to peer into, no snow-capped mountains to summit, no herds of bison roaming along the plains. But what makes J Tree special is when you focus less on the horizon and instead get up close and personal, losing yourself in the details.

  • Ultra-warm synthetic construction made from the same stuff as premium sleeping bags and down jackets


  • Light & Packable weighing just 2.1lbs (throw size) and packs easily into included compression sack (approx. 6.5”x14”)


  • Signature Rumpl design aesthetic inspired by the patterns found in nature


  • Synthetic insulation allows use in conventional front load washing and drying machines


  • Durable and water resistant


  • Odor and stain resistant


  • Stuff sack included