Hornit dB140 Bike Horn & LITE Headlight w/Horn

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Hornit's dB140 puts you in control of your own safety with a cycle horn that rivals a jet engine. Despite its small, sleek design, the dB140 emits a piercing 140 decibel sound to alert trucks, vans, buses, cars, and pedestrians of your presence. Compatible with all styles of bikes, including road bikes, the dB140 gives you a way of letting all the other road users know where you are, and not only makes cycling much safer for you, but everyone else as well. 

As for all you night riders out there needing a little more than just the powerful sounds of the dB140, fear not, as Hornit does not discriminate! Hornit made the LITE Headlight & Horn so you can safely make it home in the dark after a long evening of unexpected overtime or that extended bike ride because you accidentally took the wrong turn. The USB Rechargeable LITE combines a 250 lumen light with a 120 decibel horn. The remote trigger sitting underneath your thumb gives you easy access to 6 light and 5 horn modes. With up to 9.5 hours run time, the LITE is bright enough to light your way in complete darkness and loud enough to actively let drivers, or night strollers know where you are.

Details Hornit dB140

-Two Horn Modes (piercing & car horn)
-140 Decibel Output
-Two AAA Batteries Required (first set included)
-Handlebar Mounting Bracket
-Horn Trigger Remote and Cable
-No Tools Needed To Install
-One Year Warranty

Details Hornit LITE

-120 dB Bike Horn and 250 Lumen Light
-Micro-USB Charging Cable
-Up to 9.5 Hours of Run Time
-Handlebar Mounting Bracket
-Horn Trigger Remote and Cable
-No Tools Needed To Install
-One Year Warranty

6 Different Light Modes
FULL BEAM 250 Lumens (2hrs 40)
FLASH 60 Lumens (8hrs 40)
LOW BEAM 100 Lumens (4hrs 30)
BREATHE 80-20 Lumens (4hrs 30)
ECO 30 Lumens (9hrs 30)
HEARTBEAT 100 Lumens (8hrs)

5 Different Horn Modes