Hornit dB140 Bike Horn

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Hornit's dB140 puts you in control of your own safety with a cycle horn that rivals a jet engine. Despite its small, sleek design, the dB140 emits a piercing 140 decibel sound to alert trucks, vans, buses, cars, and pedestrians of your presence. Compatible with all styles of bikes, including road bikes, the dB140 gives you a way of letting all the other road users know where you are, and not only makes cycling much safer for you, but everyone else as well. 

Details Hornit dB140

-Two Horn Modes (piercing & car horn)
-140 Decibel Output
-Two AAA Batteries Required (first set included)
-Handlebar Mounting Bracket
-Horn Trigger Remote and Cable
-No Tools Needed To Install
-One Year Warranty